Still Alive

Just testing out some winter understorey colors. I didn’t manage to get the photo off before knocking the model over so there’s sawdust in places it shouldn’t be but overall the colors seem OK. Might co a little greener on the next set of ferns and definitely add more light brown leaves on the ground.

Materials are the usual; sculptamold on foam with sawdust and yarn for the rest. Ferns are tissue paper, deadfall is twisted and sized yarn and there’s jute here and there as well. The nurse stump is carved basswood. I’ve been doing them out of polymer in recent years but I can’t bake the clay evenly living off-grid.

The stream was built up out of doorskin to get the drops before any other scenery was added. On narrow gullies I find it can be difficult to get the landforms right when sculpting down since the sculptamold has a thickness that can be hard to predict in 1:160. Here I worked out and up from the stream.

Acrylic medium can take forever to dry so I did the creek bed in bas relief. The outside course of stones and banking was laid out and then drymixed sawdust plus paint was glued down. This thin layer of “rock” allows for fewer pours and gives the creek a chance to dry. The creekbed consists of Golden self levelling medium and Golden hard gel topped with a glaze and gloss varnish. I have several water features on the go and since the creek worked out well enough I’m trying something similar along the recessed shore of a lakebed.



2 thoughts on “Still Alive

    • Thanks. I think the ground cover will work alright but it is hard to tell until the actual trees are in place. I have dummies to help with layout and avoid major surprises.


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