Stefan Gotteswinter

He’s German and funny, makes small parts with lots of tool room/hardturning /hardmilling work. Some interesting fixturing on his instagram . Just an excellent channel. He’s into model engineering/mechatronics, tackling each in a very approachable manner. Learned a lot from watching him in the last five years especially around grinding¬† carbide tooling.








GN switch stands: Some print failures

Scale thickness switch stands don’t quite fly when you’re working in the 2 pixel range. That’s no surprise but I needed to confirm it for myself. The problem isn’t so much the two pixel minimum but ensuring your feature lands on more than one pixel when lined up on the build plate. I’ve gone back into some of my files and bulked up the minimum wall thickness to 3 pixels (roughly .0056″ if it lands right) and I’ll try that tonight. The GN Std switch stand (left) almost worked, but the other tall stand, the 112G (bottom right), was a complete failure. The yet-to-be-printed 22D (top right) was modified to have no fillets, exaggerated spike heads and ribbing twice that of the prototype.¬† Fingers crossed.


If the 22D works out I can finish up dimensioning the 20C, 36XL, Hub 2 and New Century 51A. They’re all low target stands that should be easy enough to print since the centre of mass is pretty low and very solid. Handles might be a challenge to machine on some of them. When I made them for the 22D in 1:24th scale I used press tooling to cold form the offset. Something similar would be needed if etched parts were used in 1:160. It might be easier to make a form cutter and gang mill them given the handle size but then they still would need parting off.