Jurgen Eichardt

Over the past five or so years I’ve picked up the series of books Jurgen Eicharrdt wrote on machining. His practice is centred around model ship building but his technique is very well suited to the small scale modeller. All four books in his latest series are in German but they are very well illustrated and anyone familiar with work of this nature will be able to follow along.


Eichardt is East German, built his own machine tools, has plenty of opinions and is a pretty skilled guy.

Here’s his website. Scroll down to see his evolving model of the USS Cassin Young.


One source of books – they’re also on the bay and amazoon.



2 thoughts on “Jurgen Eichardt

  1. Migrated here from Rene Gourley’s Pembroke 622 blog. Pleased to find you as we have similar modeling interests. Jurgen Eichardt’s site is the best thing I’ve seen this month. Thanks!

  2. Glad you liked it. Eichardt’s books are also very good. They’re a bit like Kozo Hiraoka’s work but more general (Kozo’s are project based) with Eichardt taking you through the manufacture of many disconnected parts and machines.

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