Grotto and the Std. Oil Co. spur

A while back I mentioned meeting a fellow who lived in Grotto during the fifties who went on to provide me with a photocopy of an AFE for Grotto. In the post I thought outloud about the Standard Oil Company spur and whether it might have still been in use in the late fifties and early nineteen-sixties. Well, four months later I have my answer: no, it was not in use. Thanks to Roger Burrows I now know that it came out per AFE 85727, way back in 1954, some ten years before this blog gets serious.

As these things go I’d built the layout section without provisions for the spur and actually succeeded in getting the rails nice and straight through the area that would have been ripped up had the spur lasted until the layout’s era. Now that I’m finally right about something that works in my favour I can’t help but wonder whether I’d be better off including it anyways. I know I won’t, being resistant to progress of that sort, but the thought should count for something.

Oh, and it took four months to figure out that the track was gone because I used the site search on the instead of searching the AFE headings themselves. Roger taught me this. If you’re looking for Grotto and you only get 13 hits, that’s why.


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