Painting the trestle


Nicely weathered X-Great Northern BR 68.08

Painting is one of my favorite activities so it is a shame in a way that I don’t do more of it. It just happens that I like fabrication as much or more and so I naturally spend more time working towards painting than actually pushing it around. With BR 388 finally stuck together it is time to start painting but before that can happen I decided to look at some local X-GN bridges for inspiration.

One thing that stuck out looking at the bridges in question was the variety of colours on display. That should come as no surprise but it still sort of does. With that in mind I decided to spray a base coat of a burnt sienna and raw umber and go from there.


X-Great Northern Railway trestle over the Serpentine River


Here is the trestle after a night of spraying together with some early morning doodling with a paintbrush. The spray job turned out to be a bit more opaque than necessary but I’m working with it. As often as I paint I’m not surprised that things went a little sideways.  The upper right bent is the only area to be worked through but still needs a bit of ultramarine and Quinacridone to liven up the 6X12 ends. A few of the visible bents were stippled at high pressure (45PSI). Hopefully further treatment will bring this effect forward in places. Playing around with various types of mark making is one of the best parts of the process and thankfully doesn’t require a lot of brain power.


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