BR #388 saga continues


Test bent with larger piles

After some deliberation and another round of consultation I took the trestle apart and started over with larger piles and cap strips. This necessitated a further round of washer and NBW punching but in the process I got better at handling and gluing them together. I’ve been using a No. 11 blade to pick the washers out of the bottom of the die, into a small puddle of solvent and then onto the model. This method seems to work alright however I need to use a glass surface in the future as puddling the glue on the brass that just happened to be handy led to  oxidation making its way into the solvent and onto the model. I can’t see it harming anything but it marrs an otherwise half decent finish. The next step will be to finish up the wood grain and cancel out as many artifacts as possible. Along the way I’ll be picking out the odd line and trying to encourage the model to adopt a more organic posture.  Then it’s to the paint booth.

Save for some touchups this is what the trestle will look like.

Save for some touch-ups this is what the trestle will look like.


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